PICARD ProScan is a 2D code-based system for optimising your incoming goods, warehousing and outgoing goods processes. 2D codes, such as Data Matrix Codes (DMC) and QR codes, can be used to store a lot of information in a compact and efficient manner.


  • 2D code-supported authenticity verification of all incoming goods

  • Automatic collection of relevant product information (EAN code, country of origin, etc.)

  • Enhanced security and reliability when processing claims

  • Exclusive ProScan feature for PICARD onlineshop customers: multi-manufacturer 2D code verification

  • Clarification service in cases of uncertainty about the authenticity of stocked inventory

  • DMC lasering of all linear rails cut by PICARD


For several years now, the manufacturers of the World Bearing Association (WBA) have been relying on clear serialisation of their products, thus bringing a completely new dimension of transparency to the rolling bearing market. Each individual item is marked with a 2D code; with the help of the WBA Authenticator App, the codes can be checked for authenticity. Over the next few years, this system of serialisation will change the bearing trade, and all of its participants will need to adjust and contend with it. At PICARD, we advise and assist our customers in dealing with this new level of transparency and clarifying how the various manufacturers' systems work, what they have in common, and where the system’s weak points lie. Going forward, only those with an understanding of the processes will be equipped to handle them reliably and confidently.

In cooperation with oneIDentity+ GmbH, an innovative IT cloud service provider with years of experience in product and brand protection, we have developed a system that uses direct access to the authentication databases of various roller bearing manufacturers: ProScan. When you scan the 2D code on a product or its packaging, ProScan verifies the product’s authenticity within seconds via a live interface. At the same time, ProScan displays to the user information about the item, such as country of origin and production date, and enables this information to be automatically transferred to the user’s merchandise management system. The process offers users the first reliable means of verifying the authenticity of bearings, detecting suspicious items, and protecting one's own business from counterfeit products. In this way, we are supporting the "Stop fake bearings" initiative of the WBA, to which Schaeffler, NACHI, and NTN-SNR, among others, belong.

With ProScan, PICARD offers independent and data protection-compliant access to the product databases of leading manufacturers via oneIDentity+. Those of our customers who wish to activate our ProScan authentication service can do so in the PICARD onlineshop. We will also gladly provide suitable scanners. ProScan then enables the user to actively decide whether the codes should be checked for authenticity.

If you record your goods receipts with ProScan, you can export the extracted data and then import them into your merchandise management system.  This saves you valuable time compared to entering the data manually.

In the event of a claim, ProScan enables you to trace the supply chain of the item in question.  This transparency enhances the security and reliability of your claims process.

Whenever you are uncertain about the authenticity of your inventory, you can rely on our multi-manufacturer expertise. If you have to source goods from the independent market, simply scan the 2D codes with our ProScan system. If the scan result requires further research, we will clarify the matter with the manufacturers on your behalf without revealing any information about you.

When it comes to linear motion technology, PICARD offers you a unique advantage: every linear rail that we cut for you is lasered with a Data Matrix code. This enables you to call up a product’s technical information, such as dimensions, bored holes, product illustrations, and manufacturer. Rather than having to create your own app to access this information, you can use either our ProScan app, available in the PICARD Onlineshop, or the WBA app.

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